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We don’t currently offer the new Level 4 qualifications for Funeral Celebrancy (October 2023). Whilst we fully encourage CPD, in fact we believe it is a vital part of professional Celebrancy, we also recognise that different celebrants have widely different development needs. We acknowledge that our diverse celebrant colleagues work in a variety of ways and have a multitude of specialisms. To incorporate all these wonderful, advanced and specialised attributes into one Level 4 qualification would be unworkable! So we can see that necessarily the Level 4 qualification has had to limit the advanced training to a few key areas.

There might not be a qualification available for your chosen specialism or for the area in which you are developing. Individual study via reading, training, mentoring and multi-media resources can be used to achieve the required level of skill or knowledge. As an NOCN accredited organisation, we recommend that you maintain a log of your ongoing professional development including dates, methods and summary of learned content. This way all learners are able to upskill using the learning method most suitable to their learning style.

The Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy remains the best qualification in which you demonstrate your skill as a fully rounded funeral celebrant. It’s challenging, even for experienced celebrants. Once achieved, celebrants are confident they are highly qualified and have reached a level of expertise that far exceeds the Certificate in UK Celebrancy.

Established celebrants will find themselves gravitating to a certain niche, specialism or ways of working. Some choose to specialise in specific rituals. Others offer beautifully handcrafted stationary and mementos as part of their standard service. Some write their own poetry.

Some choose not to offer baby funerals (this can often be due to deeply personal reasons). Some work in teams or partnerships, playing to their strengths. These are just a few examples and they may not be for every celebrant. As long as Funeral directors and bereaved families receive an excellent service, we believe celebrants should work in their own unique way.

In our view, the Level 4 qualification is currently on-the-one-hand necessarily limited, but on the other too disparate. For advanced CPD, we would prefer to see a wider range of specialisms available from which celebrants may choose 4 or 5 to achieve the qualification. This would recognise a far broader range of gifts, talents and chosen specialist areas.

It would also allow for celebrants who work in partnerships or teams to concentrate on improving their specific skill set and / or niche.

With the possibility of future regulation for funeral celebrants, it is important that the recognised highest standard for a rounded funeral celebrant is the Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy, and that the celebrant industry remain united on this point to avoid splintering into a profusion of niches.

The Level 4 qualification will suit some celebrants as their next step for CPD however, it is not for everyone and remains one option. There are a plethora of others to suit experienced, Diploma qualified funeral celebrants.

The School of Civil Celebrancy are not currently a CPD training organisation however we will keep this under review.

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