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Become an Affiliate of the School of Civil Celebrancy

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate of the School of Civil Celebrancy.

We are very proud of the schools, colleges, and individuals with which we closely work. The School of Civil Celebrancy specialises in Celebrancy RQF qualification covering all three modalities:


All our courses are accredited and approved by the NOCN

Our Affiliates use the School of Civil Celebrancy learning portal, study framework and resources in the following ways to complement their business:

Using the School of Civil Celebrancy in Partnership:

Work in partnership with us and use our:

  • Online learning portal
  • Assessment experience
  • Qualified Assessors and Internal Quality Assurance process
  • Fully compliant infrastructure
  • Accreditation with NOCN for your learners, so that both you and your students can benefit from the many advantages of online celebrant qualifications.

We specialise in Celebrancy RQF qualifications.

We do not run any Celebrancy courses of our own. We want to work with you not compete with you!

We pay the School of Civil Celebrancy Affiliates commission on all qualifications provided and offer a great package that benefits training organisations and learners alike:

How will my Training Organisation benefit?

  • Avoid losing celebrants to other training providers who offer the range of NOCN celebrant qualifications.
  • You can now offer the full range of NOCN Celebrant qualifications through us:
    • Without the need to apply for your own accreditation
    • No need to set up laborious infrastructure and compliance systems to manage your qualifications in line with an RQF Awarding Body
    • No need to pay ongoing registration fees to NOCN
    • No need to set up or manage a team of Assessors and IQA
    • No need to ensure you are compliant with NOCN requirements
    • No need to spend money ensuring your training team have the required qualifications
    • No additional work, admin or stress
  • We do it all for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, training and supporting celebrants to become excellent professionals.
  • Plus we will pay you for each Learner you refer to the School of Civil Celebrancy for their qualification.
  • You are freed up to spend more of your time training and mentoring your celebrants or even run more courses.
  • We can update you with your Learner’s progress at any time, so you can knowledgeably chat to your celebrants about their development – it’s a partnership!
  • We either pay commission to you for each enrolment or we can discount the course to the same value for your learner. The choice is yours.
    • Please email us for details of the commission deals available:
  • You can also, if you wish, offer our NOCN qualifications on your website to earn further commission.
  • Free business profile listing on our dedicated Affiliate page on our website.

What are the benefits for my Celebrant Students?

  • Your celebrants can enrol at any time, so they do not need to wait to begin studying towards their qualification.
  • Your celebrants can study with us 24/7, at their own pace, in their own time.
  • All elements of the course can be taken from home, so increasing convenience and decreasing costs.
  • Your celebrants are guaranteed to receive our unrivalled Learner support.
  • They will have access to tips, resources and guidance.
  • Everything they need to pass is included.
  • They will receive continuous feedback and benefit from ongoing assessment.
  • They can check off key milestones as they progress until they achieve their qualification.
  • Student discount through the TOTUM Card.


My Training School is miles away from the School of Civil Celebrancy. My students would not want to travel.

All our qualifications are delivered totally online. No attendance is necessary. Your celebrants will therefore not be inconvenienced or forced to spend any money on travel.

I would need to ensure that your online qualifications integrate seamlessly with our own courses.

This is not a problem. You can integrate the qualifications provided by the School of Civil Celebrancy into your own marketing information. We can work with you by providing wording or graphics for your website or brochures.

How will you take payment for the qualifications?

You can include the cost of our qualifications in your course fees, or we can facilitate a means by which your students can use your own website to enrol to take the qualifications with us directly.

Using the School of Civil Celebrancy to Provide Your Own Celebrant Qualifications:

We hope the above information has sown some seeds of thought. If you can see a synergy and are interested in finding out more about becoming a School of Civil Celebrancy Affiliate, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you to answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call on 01273 974 958 or Email

We look forward to working with you and supporting you and your students to the very best of our ability.

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